Atlassian ACP-100

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Total 75 questions | Updated On: Jun 15, 2024
Question 1

Some of your project owners would like to make their projects publicly accessible over the Internet. These
projects will not require login.
You could support this by allowing read-only anonymous access to the projects.
Which two additional factors should you take into consideration when setting this up? (Choose two.)

Answer: B,D
Question 2

Your business owners have told you to use roles as much as possible in Jira because it allows them to do
things that groups cannot do.
When considering this, you need to be aware of those actions in Jira that require the use of groups rather
than roles.
Identify two actions in Jira that require the use of groups. (Choose two.)

Answer: B,D
Question 3

You have been asked to take on the administration of a second Jira installation in your company.
You were given the following information about user accounts:
The company standard is to use Active Directory (AD) to provide user accounts.
There are several Active Directory systems in use by different business units.
The second Jira is not to be merged with your main Jira.
The main Jira system is connected to Active Directory for user accounts.
The second Jira is using internal user accounts, not Active Directory.
People using the second Jira are using the same login ID as they would use in Active Directory.
Your company would like to use Single Sign-on (SSO) but has not yet implemented it for either Jira
Which authentication method should you recommend?

Answer: B
Question 4

An issue is showing the Time Tracking section as follows:

There is clearly an hour’s difference between the Original and Remaining estimates.
Identify two possible reasons Logged Time is showing as Not Specified. (Choose two.)

Answer: A,B
Question 5

Three team members have left the company and their issues need to be re-assigned to various -users.
All of their issues are in the Marketing project which uses the Default Notification Scheme. The scheme has
never been updated.
How do you inform the new assignees about their re-assigned issues?

Answer: C
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Total 75 questions | Updated On: Jun 15, 2024

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Name: Jira Data Center Administrator
Exam Code: ACP-100
Certification: Jira Administrator
Vendor: Atlassian
Total Questions: 75
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2024