Atlassian ACP-610

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Total 75 questions | Updated On: May 14, 2024
Question 1

You want to remove some epics from your personal Scrum board, without impacting any other boards. Identify the correct solution.

Answer: D
Question 2

You are a project administrator of DEV.Omar is a Jira administrator. Identify two project settings that Omar can update in DEV but you cannot. (Choose two.)

Answer: A,C
Question 3

Development team A is consistently overestimating the work they can complete per sprint. They want to be able to compare work committed and work completed in sprints over time. Which single report provides this information?

Answer: E
Question 4

Depending on the project configuration, a project administrator might be able to perform some tasks, instead of escalating them to the Jira administrator. Identic one such task. 

Answer: A
Question 5

You need to assign team members to view code commits in the DEV project. An excerpt of the DEV permission scheme is shown.

Which two project roles must they be granted? (Choose two.) 

Answer: B,C
Page:    1 / 15   
Total 75 questions | Updated On: May 14, 2024

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Name: Managing Jira Projects for Data Center and Server
Exam Code: ACP-610
Certification: Jira Project Administrator
Vendor: Atlassian
Total Questions: 75
Last Updated: May 14, 2024