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Question 1

In a fee-for-service (FFS) reimbursement method, providers are paid per treatment or per service that they provide.

One typical benefit of FFS reimbursement is that it:

Answer: B
Question 2

Julio Benini is eligible to receive healthcare coverage through a health plan that is under contract to his employer. Mr. Benini is seeking coverage for the following individuals:

Elena Benini, his wife -

Maria Benini, his 18-year-old unmarried daughter

Johann Benini, his 80-year-old father who relies on Julio for support and maintenance

The health plan most likely would consider that the definition of a dependent, for purposes of healthcare coverage, applies to:

Answer: B
Question 3

The Atoll Health Plan must comply with a number of laws that directly affect the plan's contracts. One of these laws allows Atoll's plan members to receive medical services from certain specialists without first being referred to those specialists by a primary care provider (PCP). This law, which reduces the PCP's ability to manage utilization of these specialists, is known as _________.

Answer: C
Question 4

A health plan can use segment margins to evaluate the profitability of its profit centers.

One characteristic of a segment margin is that this margin:

Answer: A
Question 5

Under GAAP, three approaches to expense recognition are generally allowed: associating cause and effect, systematic and rational allocation, and immediate recognition.

A health plan most likely would use the approach of systematic and rational allocation in order to:

Answer: D
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Total 215 questions | Updated On: Jun 11, 2024

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