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Question 1

The ZYX Corporation is in the process of relocating its facilities after several years
of planning. The president, who is well aware of the necessity for emergency planning,
directs you as the security manager to draw up necessary plans to cope with natural
disasters. Which of the following is not a valid assumption to be considered?

Answer: A
Question 2

Regulations of the Department of Defense require that the contractor shall establish
such procedures as are necessary to ensure that any employee discovering the loss,
compromise, or suspected compromise of classified information outside a facility
promptly reports to:

Answer: C
Question 3

An investigation that consists of checking the records of appropriate federal agencies
for information bearing on the loyalty and suitability of a person under investigation is
known as a(n):

Answer: B
Question 4

Which of the following would be considered a primary tort relevant to security officers? 

Answer: C
Question 5

Two sheets of ordinary glass bonded to an intervening layer of plastic material that is used in street-level windows and displays that need extra security is known as:

Answer: D
Page:    1 / 154   
Total 766 questions | Updated On: Jun 13, 2024

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