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Question 1

Mary is the business analyst for your organization. She asks you what the purpose of the assess capability
gaps task is. Which of the following is the best response to give Mary? 

Answer: C
Question 2

A one-location restaurant has been a huge success and the owner wants to expand into more markets. The owner wants to ensure that the quality of the food and pleasing atmosphere is maintained without introducing new variables. Working with the key members of the organization, the owner determines that training and standard processes must be defined. The owner engages a business analyst (BA) to create training materials and operating procedures based on the existing processes at the original restaurant. During this documentation, the BA identifies some opportunities for improvement. How must the BA proceed? 

Answer: C
Question 3

A business analyst (BA) is structuring requirements to ensure they are cohesive and tell the full story. Which of the following requirements is consistent with a stakeholder's need: “As a Product Manager, I want to review my general insurance sales performance so I track my sales performance against my annual target”?

Answer: B
Question 4

You are the business analyst for your organization. You are currently identifying opportunities for a
customer to improve their business processes. The customer wants to streamline their business efforts
either through new technologies, better processes, or a combination of both. The customer demands,
however, that the solution should not cost more than $300,000 to implement and support for one year.
What does the $300,000 represent? 

Answer: B
Question 5

A stakeholder has requested an extremely detailed resolution to an issue during current state analysis that may consume about 20% of the estimated project effort. How should the business analyst (BA) handle the situation?

Answer: B
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Total 525 questions | Updated On: Jun 14, 2024

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