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Question 1

After the government charged him with money laundering, Angel broke into his accountant’s office and destroyed incriminating documents. Based on his actions, the government would MOST LIKELY bring additional charges against Angel for: 

Answer: D
Question 2

Which of the following, if available, would help an organization recover losses from an instance of internal fraud?

Answer: B
Question 3

During a trial in an adversarial system, an attorney calls an expert witness to the stand and asks, "Could you please describe the procedures you performed in your examination?" Based on this question, which type of testimony is MOST LIKELY being presented?

Answer: B
Question 4

Allison works for a government contractor. She informs the government that her employer has been submitting false claims to the government for payment. Later, it is discovered that Allison has misappropriated more than $50,000 of her employer's money. Allison qualifies as a whistleblower entitled to anti-retaliation protection under the law because of her report to the government. Which of the following statements about Allison is CORRECT? 

Answer: C
Question 5

Which of the following describes the purpose of an expert witness's testimony at trial? 

Answer: B
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Total 146 questions | Updated On: May 14, 2024

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