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Total 100 questions | Updated On: May 14, 2024
Question 1

Which of the following refrigerants has the highest flammability, according to its Safety Group classification? 

Answer: C
Question 2

You are evaluating the storage arrangement to determine appropriate sprinkler system protection requirements. Which of the following is an important consideration when determining sprinkler system design requirements?

Answer: B
Question 3

CASE STUDY: You are a claims adjuster working for an insurance company. You received notice of a fire event at an industrial facility. You are now charged with conducting a fire investigation to evaluate the merits of the claim. Please answer the following three questions regarding the fire investigation. Which of the following will ensure you are conducting a legally valid scene investigation?

Answer: D
Question 4

In aircraft hangars, primary fire-extinguishing capability affording some degree of aircraft protection can be provided by oscillating monitors that completely blanket the floor of the entire hangar with foam within ______ seconds of actuation. 

Answer: B
Question 5

Which type of extinguishing process is described as immiscible liquids being agitated together, and one of the liquids is dispersing throughout the others, thus cooling the surfaces of the liquids and preventing the release of flammable vapors? 

Answer: B
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Total 100 questions | Updated On: May 14, 2024

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