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Question 1

Which one or the following costs Is a variable product cost? 

Answer: C
Question 2

IF a company does not have a code of conduct, the company most likely 

Answer: A
Question 3

Studler’s Restaurant is considering a contract to supply the weal senior citizen center with 10,000 meals. Regular sales at regular prices would be unaffected. The food cost for each meal s S3 Additional costs incurred as a result of the contract would De variable overhead of S 50 and variable selling general and administrative costs of S SO per meal sold. The selling price per meal would be $5, A total of $20,000 in fixed costs would be allocated at $2 per meal. The fixed costs are part of an overall total of $500,000 in annual fixed costs incurred regardless of the contract. What will be the effect on pretax income if Studiers takes the special order?

Answer: A
Question 4

Below is the income statement and balance sheet for a retail corporation.

What is the corporation’s return on equity in Year 2? 

Answer: D
Question 5

Harris Wholesale Grocery Company has gross sales per year of $7 million and grants credit terms to its customers of 2/5. net 15 As a result. 60% of customers pay on the discount date 20% pay on the net due date, and 20% pay on average 10 days after the due date Assuming that sales are uniform throughout the year and using a 360-day year In the calculation what is the approximate annual amount of discount that Hams customers are allowed to take?

Answer: C
Page:    1 / 26   
Total 126 questions | Updated On: Jun 15, 2024

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