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Total 120 questions | Updated On: Jun 14, 2024
Question 1

The act of ensuring items selected for the Minimum Viable Products are defined in detail and with clarity is called?

Answer: A
Question 2

Which of the following is used to evaluate the total number of story points delivered per sprint?

Answer: B
Question 3

The act of targeting a product  to the right market to meet the needs of a targeted customer or business is referred to as conducting

Answer: C
Question 4

Sally is developing a document that shows the stages typical customers of a firm go through when interacting with the company, its staff and brand at every customer touch points? Which of the following documents is Sally working on?

Answer: A
Question 5

Which of the following involves the continuous alignment of the vision, strategy and shared goals, an alignment to customers, markets with readiness to respond to changes?

Answer: D
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Total 120 questions | Updated On: Jun 14, 2024

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