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Question 1

Given the following descriptions:
I. Model performance is checked using validation data
II. The origin of test data used to test the model is identified
III. The tuned model is made ready for its target hardware
IV. Test data are used to ensure the agreed ML functional performance criteria are met
V. The model is created from source code
VI. The critical data features are identified
Which of the following options BEST matches the descriptions with the activities in the ML workflow?

Answer: A
Question 2

Which of the following options is the MOST likely reason for this?

Answer: D
Question 3

In the figure below there are three scatter plots and a freehand sketch for logistics regression.

Which of the above figures show that the decision boundary is overfitting the training data?

Answer: D
Question 4

Which of the following is an AI tool MOST likely to use as the basis for generating functional test cases?

Answer: D
Question 5

Al systems like any other conventional system are created with a specific purpose. Testers make it possible to define the system requirement and validate the design specifications.
Which ONE of the following is NOT a reason why AL the specification of AL based systems is challenging

Answer: A
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Total 220 questions | Updated On: Jun 11, 2024

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