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Total 45 questions | Updated On: Jun 13, 2024
Question 1

A data analyst needs to use the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to quickly create SQL queries and data visualizations. It is a requirement that the compute resources in the platform can be made serverless, and it is expected that data visualizations can be placed within a dashboard. Which of the following Databricks Lakehouse Platform services/capabilities meets all of these requirements?

Answer: E
Question 2

A data analysis team is working with the table_bronze SQL table as a source for one of its most complex projects. A stakeholder of the project notices that some of the downstream data is duplicative. The analysis team identifies table_bronze as the source of the duplication. Which of the following queries can be used to deduplicate the data from table_bronze and write it to a new table table_silver? 

Answer: A
Question 3

A data analyst creates a Databricks SQL Query where the result set has the following schema: region STRING number_of_customer INT When the analyst clicks on the "Add visualization" button on the SQL Editor page, which of the following types of visualizations will be selected by default? 

Answer: C
Question 4

Which of the following statements describes descriptive statistics?

Answer: A
Question 5

In which of the following situations should a data analyst use higher-order functions?

Answer: C
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Total 45 questions | Updated On: Jun 13, 2024

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