MuleSoft MCD-Level-2

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Total 60 questions | Updated On: Jun 11, 2024
Question 1

A new Mule project has been created in Anypoint Studio with the default settings. Which file inside the Mule project must be modified before using Maven to successfully deploy the application?

Answer: C
Question 2

An API has been built to enable scheduling email provider. The front-end system does very little data entry
validation, and problems have started to appear in the email that go to patients. A validate-customer’’ flow is
added validate the data.
What is he expected behavior of the ‘validate-customer’’ flow?

Answer: A
Question 3

A Mule application deployed to a standardalone Mule runtime uses VM queues to publish messages to be
consumed asynchronously by another flow.
In the case of a system failure, what will happen to in-flight messages in the VM queues that have been

Answer: B
Question 4

The HTTP Request operation raises an HTTP CONNECTIVITY error.
Which HTTP status code and body are returned to the web client?

Answer: C
Question 5

Refer to the exhibit.
What action must be performed to log all the errors raised by the VM Connector?

Answer: B
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Total 60 questions | Updated On: Jun 11, 2024

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Name: MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 2 (Mule 4)
Exam Code: MCD-Level-2
Certification: MuleSoft Certified Developer
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Total Questions: 60
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2024