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Total 76 questions | Updated On: May 16, 2024
Question 1

Which two behaviors can be tracked with Munchkin code? (Choose two.)

Answer: A
Question 2

A company operates in multiple regions and has identified the vice president (VP) of Sales in each region as a stakeholder in the lead scoring development process. The VPs of Sales of two major regions disagree about the significance of a specific factor.
Which course of action will allow both definitions to be incorporated?

Answer: D
Question 3

A colleague reviewed a Marketo program setup and noticed that one of the landing page URLs is not SEO-friendly and needs to be changed.
How can the URL of the landing page be changed?

Answer: A
Question 4

A marketer has created a Smart Campaign with the Flow displayed in the screenshot:

Which attribute(s) will be updated if a Lead is running through the Flow and all Choices except the Default Choice would match?

Answer: D
Question 5

A marketing manager has just completed testing the content in an engagement program and is ready to begin sending emails.
What is required to begin sending emails?

Answer: A
Page:    1 / 16   
Total 76 questions | Updated On: May 16, 2024

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