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Total 40 questions | Updated On: Jun 14, 2024
Question 1

A TAS uses a commercial test automation tool and the default logs generated by the inconsistent formats such as different types of messages (pass/fail steps, screenshots, warnings, etc.) To solve this issue some custom logging functions have been created from the test scripts, making it possible tolog the different types of messages with the same format. However, this may cause a problem due to excessive size of the logs which can make it difficult to find the required information. Assume that all the default logs will be disabled when running theautomated tests and that some tests will not generate excessively sized logs. Which of the following represents the BEST suggestion for implementing the custom logging functions?

Answer: B
Question 2

You are currently designing the TAA of a TAS. You have been asked to adopt an approach forautomatically generating and executing test cases from a model that defines the SUT. The SUT is a state-based and event-driven that is described by a finite-state machine and exposes its functionality via an API. The behavior of the SUT depends on hardwareand communication links that can be unreliable. Which of the following aspects is MOST important when designing the TAA in this scenario?

Answer: C
Question 3

Consider a TAS that exclusively uses the APIs of a SUT. To make this work, significant changes have been required to the SUT by adding a set of dedicated test interfaces to the APIs. All the automated tests will use these test interfaces when interacting with the SUT. Assume that you are currently verifying the correctness of the automated test environment and test tool setup. Which of the following would you expect to be the MOST specific risk associated with this scenario?

Answer: D
Question 4

A defect in a SUT has been resolved and validated by an automated defect re-test in the current release of the software. This retest has now been added to the automated regression test suite. Which statement BEST describes a reason why this defect could re-occur in future releases? 

Answer: B
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Total 40 questions | Updated On: Jun 14, 2024

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